Kapulapalem (Sri Anagani Ranga Rao ST Colony) Inauguration on 28-06-2018

Sri Sri Ram Malyandi, Member of Parliament, Bapatla Constituency, Sri Anagani Satya prasad MLA, Repalle Constituency,  Sri Kanthilal Dande, IAS, NTR Housing Corporation MD,    visited the newly constructed 33 houses at Kapulapalem (Sri Anagani Ranga Rao ST Colony) Village, Nagaram Panchayat & Mandal, Guntur District on 28-06-2018 and appreciated and hailed the benevolent work of VRO for the poor tribal people in the remotest villages. Secretary,  S.A. DhanapaulSJ, Operational Director, Peter Daniel SJ.and Associate Director Velangani Raju SJ also participated in the event and thanked the donor for his continuous support.

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