When we analyse how the poor and the marginalized in rural areas survive, we discover that it is their inner strength and hope that motivates them to live happily. Recognizing this, VRO adopted different mechanisms to improve their quality of living. VRO develops approaches, which could ensure and enable the quality of living through collective actions. We involve stakeholders at different levels to contribute to this process by exhibiting their own talents and resources. VRO stays in contact with the target villages and builds sustainability in its actions through two contact points i.e. Village Council and Community Worker.

Village Council: Each VRO village has a committee of members that acts as the decision making body for various programs in the village. The villagers elect the council in a democratic way and roles are assigned to them and the execution of the role begins with a swear-in ceremony. The council consists of 5 to 13 members depending upon the population of the village.

Community Worker: An individual who fulfills the required qualities, who has an aptitude is selected by the community, for the community to work in the satellite centers in the respective villages. They are appointed in consultation with village council.