Women Empowerment

Empowerment is defined as vesting power on some one where it does not exist or exist inadequately. Empowerment of women would mean equipping women to be economically independent, self-reliant, have positive esteem for themselves, in order to enable them to face difficult situations and participate in the community development process. VRO has shifted its focus after due reflection on the process of empowering women accepting the principle that power comes from with-in. A person is labeled powerful when she is able to control the situation by taking decision. Studies and research indicate that women are not encouraged to be decision makers. Hence the primary aspect of women empowerment program is creating space and opportunity for women to take their responsibility for their decisions. It can be a decision of attending a meeting/training, setting up a business, admitting children into schools etc. In India women are discriminated and marginalized by the society at every level whether it is social participation, political participation, economic participation, access to education, sanitation, reproductive healthcare etc. Women were found to be less literate, unhealthy and economically poor. This leads women to engage in works or activities which won’t bring them dignity and honour. To address the above situation, they must be empowered through education, skill training, leadership training etc. in order to protect and restore their dignity.

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